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Terms & Conditions

  • We [the company trading as Glass Orchid] operate using the challenge 25 policy, if asked to see ID and no valid ID can be provided we hold the right to refuse service.

  • Every employee has the right to refuse service as we see fit -We reserve the right to declare the bar area as 18+ only.

  • Children under the age of 18 are allowed in the venue while the kitchen is open as long as they are eating and accompanied by an adult with valid ID.

  • We will not tolerate and verbal or physical abuse, of any kind, towards staff or other customers in the venue

  • If you are over 15 minuets late to your reservation, without contacting us, the table may be given away and any deposit will not be refunded.


We collect card details for reservations over 4 people. These card details are stored securely Dojo. We reserve the right that should you fail to arrive for your reservation, or cancel less than 6 hours before your reservation then we may charge your card £10/head for each guest who did not arrive. Should only some of your party attend, we reserve the right to charge £10/head for the members who did not arrive. This policy is discretionary, and the manager will decide when it is appropriate to use it. More information on what we do with your card details is available in our privacy policy. For more details on this policy in general, please contact the restaurant.

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